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Changing our use of Plastic

UK Plastics PACT members

Morrisons was a founder member of the UK Plastics PACT, a collaborative commitment which joins up all stakeholders in the plastics system – businesses, Government, local authorities, Environmental Organisations, and the wider public to ensure that all plastic packaging will be recyclable, reusable or compostable.

As signatories to WRAP's UK Plastics PACT, we will work in collaboration with WRAP, other signatories and the industry so that together, by 2025, we aim to:

  • Ensure that all Morrisons branded plastic packaging will be recyclable, reusable or compostable;
  • ensure that we have 30% average recycled content across all plastic packaging;
  • eliminate problematic or unnecessary single-use packaging through redesign, innovation or alternative (re-use) delivery models.

In the short term, we have targetted problematic plastic materials for Morrisons own brand and Market Street products including:

  • Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) packaging
  • Expandable polystyrene (EPS) packaging
  • Black plastic packaging.

Most of these materials have been removed already

We are working with our suppliers so that:

  • the use of mixed polymers (multi-layers) will be avoided wherever possible unless necessary for food safety to protect the product or is compatible with a recycling system;
  • problematic packaging materials that cannot be easily recycled through kerbside recycling collections should be avoided where suitable alternatives already exist.

Examples of our achievements so far

81%Morrisons branded plastic packaging is currently recyclable

We're trialling reverse vending
machines in our stores

We've removed boxed plastic straws from sale

We've removed plastic wrap from fresh British summer season cucumbers, to assess the impact of food waste

We've removed plastic straws from our cafes

We're trialling moving more of our fresh fruit and veg out of plastic in our stores and we're working with WRAP and Defra to assess the impact

Morrisons flower bouquet wraps are moving from plastic to paper

We've removed 5p carrier bags from all our stores

Get a 25p discount off your coffee when using your own cup at our barista bars

You can refill your water bottle for free in our cafes

We've moved our loose fruit
and veg bags to paper

You can use your own container at our meat and fish counters

We support the Global Ghost Gear Initiative, helping to reduce lost fishing gear in our oceans

We removed microbeads from all Morrisons products ahead of legislation