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Three Trees Morrisons received a score of three trees in the WWF 2015 timber scorecard

We are signatories to the WWFs Forest Campaign

EUTR The EU Timber Regulation (EUTR) came into force on 3 March 2013. It prohibits the placing of illegally harvested timber or timber products on the EU market.

We are committed to responsible sourcing and use supply chain systems which minimise the environmental impact associated with the production of important raw materials like timber.

At the heart of our approach is concern to ensure that the wood used in our products originates from responsibly managed forests, because we know that unregulated deforestation is a significant factor in climate change and the depletion of biodiversity.

We support certification systems which promote responsible management of the world’s forests, such as that operated by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Indeed, all our own brand tissues and toilet rolls are FSC certified.

Our policy requires that all wood and wood derived products being contracted for sale must be FSC certified or from an approved alternative source if FSC is not available in sufficient volumes to be competitive.

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