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December 2011

Pop eye

28 December 2011

When midnight chimes on New Year’s Eve and the Champagne is uncorked, your first resolution should be to take cover or you might get an eyeful.

Three ways to save in January with Morrisons

28 December 2011

Win Free Shopping / Great British Price Crunch / Saver Stamps With one in three shoppers telling us that they have no money left at the end of the month Morrisons is kicking off 2012 with three in-store customer campaigns to help families make the weekly shopping budget stretch further and...

Morrisons launch M Savers

28 December 2011

Good news for January budget stretchers as new entry level range arrives in store.  January grocery shoppers will receive a helping hand this month as the new budget stretching range from Morrisons hits the shelves.  

Revealed: the UK’s happiest Christmases

21 December 2011

Almost 200 years since his birth, it seems Charles Dickens got it right when he described what makes a joyous festive season in A Christmas Carol. The Cratchit family beats Scrooge hands down every time.

Traditional trimmings take the lead in Morrisons Christmas sales tracker

19 December 2011

As Morrisons keeps track of its weekly Christmas sales, this week’s top sellers show that British shoppers are spreading the expense of the festive season and have started feathering their nests, filling the larder and topping up the freezer with festive essentials.

The nation's set for a "Cheddar Gorge" - but millions more will have a blue Christmas

16 December 2011

Dairy loving Brits are set to out-fromage the French this Christmas, as homegrown cheese sales hit an all-year high in the run up to the festive season.

Morrisons to create more than 7,000 new jobs in 2012

14 December 2011

Morrisons is announcing today that it will create more than 7,000 new jobs in 2012 as it continues its store expansion programme as well as developing its manufacturing and logistics arms.

Ditchmas dinner

13 December 2011

With a third (32%) of us pledging to spend less this Christmas, Morrisons has revealed that this could be bad news for the sprout and the Christmas pudding, with 23% and 10% of the nation respectively, saying they’d happily leave them out of the Christmas dinner.

Getting Salford working

06 December 2011

Over one hundred people, who had previously found it impossible to find a job, have started work at Morrisons this week.  Many haven’t had a job for years and many come from families where they are the third generation to be unemployed.

Ten months to grow, 30 minutes to go!

06 December 2011

When you sit down on December 25th to enjoy your Christmas Dinner, consider the fact it’s taken a whopping forty two weeks to get from field to fork, or 295 days, seven hours and 12 minutes to be exact.

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